journey Through the Pages – Scrapbook Creations Challenge.

It is not often that a challenge grabs me, though this is exactly what happened when i saw the challenge for February at Scrapbook Creations. I was taken, hook line and sinker and my mind started rolling with ideas. I knew that it had to contain a photo of my book worm and of course, i had to have that quote in there somewhere to tie the link back to the books. Besides, its one of my favourite quotes.

I had a lot of fun with the entire layout and was able to add lots of mixed media to the layout. Layers of paper, stamps, gesso, paint, texture paste and embellishments. I was totally in heaven and cant wait to see the next months challenge.

It all started with this mood board.
As you already know.. i loved the quote, so I incorporated that as test stamped as part of the background. You can see it under the title.

I loved the colours…

The title “journey” was my take on the suitcases..

Glitter… Check!

The vines… Check…

Key… Check…

Books…. check!

The texture of the curtain or fabric I used by creating a dotted background with a mix of gold paint and texture paste. The photos dont do the glimmer of the dots justice.

I then folded some Studio Fourteen40 gold sequins over to give them dimension and the feeling that they were moving as the fabric would. I carried the dot theme through with a dot matrix effect and some German glass glitter (which i have fallen in love with).


February's Inspiration Board Challenge

Scrapbook Creations February Challenge


{He is} my Sunshine

This man is my life… My love… I seriously don’t think my heart is big enough to hold the love that I have for him….

He is my sunshine.

I took this photo on Father’s Day last year and absolutely adore it. It’s captured him perfectly. Being a photographer, it’s not often that he gets photos of himself, so I’m privileged that he too loves this photo.

I’ve been recently introduced to mixed media and what can I say other than WOW and OMG …
I’m in love! I love that making so much mess can turn into something so cool.. I love that if you make an oops, it’s undetectable and easily covered with another layer. I love inks, texture and layers and this has just taken me to another level. Again, thank you Ali for opening my eyes! Inspired by a a tube tutorial by a mixed Media goddess Georgia Heald I pulled out all manner of goodies and just stated playing… This is the result.


This layout was put together with a mass of product, much of what’s been tucked away because it was just too cool to use.. You know.. Tim Holtz hoarder here.. Well.. Hoard no more!

The flair used is from Studio Fourteen40s ‘Neapolitan’ collection and the newly released (today in fact) ‘Dali’ which you can find here.

Eclectic Vintage Styling

We’ve been in our house for 3 years this coming April and before that, lived in numerous defence homes. After all the relocating of furniture and the damage done by removals over the year, we didn’t have a lot left, however what we have a good strong pieces.. The bases for some wonderful interior decorating.

I think our home is a little eclectic in its pieces and that’s okay.. I love it.. I love homes were the eye is drawn to interesting pieces of furniture and clusters of the unusual but beautiful. We are getting there… But we also have so far to go.

Eclectically vintage is a blog I absolutely love and this month have featured I’m in awe of the beautiful pieces she has and can only hope to one day have our home looking as warm and inviting as she has created her home.

Here are a few of my favourite shots..


how amazing is this photo wall? We have started one though nothing like this. I love that art surrounds the photos that are important to her. That each person has a letter to represent their existence in the family.. I love the shelf below …. Oh yes… This is achievable. We’ve got on kick ass gallery hallway which is my first tackle this year.


I totally love our studio but there is something about looking that other peoples spaces that I love. The colours in this studio are amazing. Her entire space is amazing.. Though what I’m so much more drawn to is that stool… And the colour <3


Matt and I have always loved the idea of having an eclectic array of chairs around our reclaimed timber dining table, though have never quiet got as far as to do it. I love the raw timber of this table and am so tempted to make our dining table my first project of the year. Stripping it back to is raw beauty and coating it in beeswax.

Can you see the fabric stool in the back? I adore that…  I love that it’s cute yet practical. It would be the perfect welcome into our home and a place for people to sit to replace their shoes as we’ve got a no shoe policy. …. Hmmm… Maybe that’s my first project. It wouldn’t be hard.

Sneak Peek

I’ve been having the beet time in my studio over the last few weeks…making new collections of flairs and a HUGE mess with products… I’ve been dabbling in textures and mixed media and totally have been bitten by the bug I think.




Thanks for pushing me outside of my square Ali, though I think you may have created a monster!

Here is a sneak peek and what I’ve been doing.. The flair that you see will be available soon although in the mean time check out what else we have in store..

A little studio lighting

At the moment my studios electrical lighting consists of t bulbs in the roof… Whe we built I decided on the bulbs as I knew I wasnted to find juet the right lights to compliment my space… Yesterday I think I found them!

I knew I wanted to have a chandelier of sorts but in no way, one of the traditional richy rich, snobby, European kind of crystal get up. While I was in Masters with Matt yesterday buying a hose fitting, which turned into a Jose fitting, 30 garden solar lights and a stone bird, we saw this….


I wanted something that was cute…

I think this is perfect!

I’m thinking of going with the black, even though my studio has touches of red, simply because I think neutral is the best option… Whatcha think?

We also think we found the perfect light for beside our red sofa in the main living area.. Though more of that later.

A tour of my studio

I’ve had lots of people ask me if they can have a peek at my studio… Finally I’ve been able to find the time to take photos.. When I have some more time, I will edit this post and include more detailed shots. ;)


This shelving unit is home to all manner of things… Old books and book pages for mixed media canvases and layouts, inks, laces, stamps and pads, journalling spots, die cuts,hand made embellishments, raw chipboard, Heidi swapp chipboard alphas, mists… Photos…. The list is endless… Of top of the units I have three gorgeous lace tins from ikea that house all my coloured sharpies, foam brushes, paint brushes, tools and bits that I don’t use every day.

This is also the home of a primitive teddy bear I made many years ago.. He hold a dear place in my heart and is my fathers namesake, aptly named Harry.

I’ve also homed a few Willowtree figures there, that too hold a special place in my heart, given to me by my best friend, my husband and my children.. I love having little pieces of my life close to me while I create.

Beside the shelf, I’ve got a concertina folder filled with paper scraps, sorted by colour. The pizza boxes are my misting boxes, so that I don’t get those glorious bamboo floors covered in ink!


This photo shows my studio from the top, after walking though a double spaced bulkhead. I love that I have space and light. Not that you’d notice in this dark picture, sorry.


My beautiful desk was built for me by my wonderful husband from a reclaimed door. The door was salvaged from the ACT (Australian Capital Territory – Canberra) forest after a massive brushfire ripped through it about 10 years ago. The door dates back somewhere near the beginning of the 1900s and has pre patented door ringer and knocker, handle and locks. I will one day research these items of hardware and try and get a secured timeframe. It has a beautiful piece of glass in the top. We have rubbed back the edges, to show the layers of paint that has been applied over time. Yes… I love this desk. :)

The caddy was find of the century. $20 on a blog. Right place right time. I have to thank a beautiful friend of mine, Debbie and her wonderful husband Dave for getting it down to me, as it was located in Sydney and shipping was a nightmare, so Dave brought it down when he was on business. Glitter and all, much to his disgust. Hahah


I love hanging out in my studio, though it takes me away from the love of my life, so what better way to have him close, than to give him his very own work station. He has everything he needs here to work for hours on his photos while I play with paper.. And when he’s not here, I’m playing with his photoshop programs and Wacom tablet. <3 (ofcourse, he wishes he had a giant area.)


..the cute chairs that we have in the studio were reclaimed and painted by a local reclaimed furniture artist. (Is that what they are called?) I love theM. We’ve got two white ones and a red one. The red is magnificent.


..this gorgeous cupboard (and matts desk) were bought from office works. The cup oars are large enough in the door sections to hold 2 x kaiser paper stands each, and have enough room for some 12×12 albums and paper pads to fit down the side. The drawers are deep and super big. They are wide enough to fit two packs of thickers side by side, which is what I have done with one of the drawers..’s filed with thickers, alpha steers, rub ons and other yummy sheets. the second drawer is file with tiny candy jars of bling, brads, resins, wood veneer, sequins, pins etc and the third holds All my dies, platforms and embossing folders.


.. This is the view from my doorway.


.. Matt is a photographer.. And I love collecting camera paraphernalia for him.. I love finding box brownies and bringing them home for him.




.. My desk is large enough to have all my tools on hand and still have enough room to spread out and make a mess…and make a mess I do, often… Though there is plenty of room for two- three more to come and scrap with Me.


.. These idea shelves hold little wooden drawers that I also got from ikea. They have vintage threads, alphas sorted by letter (abc, def etc), washi tape, flair buttons (a LOT of flair) paper flowers, ampersands, twines… and much more. My basket holds new embellishments which keep me inspired. I don’t keep a lot of embellishments because I don’t like to get bored Or have things date too much, small quantities are manageable. I have a massive hinge ring hooked to the wall and have used ikea shower curtain clips to hold ribbon which I’ve sorted by colour. The clips are almost identical to the clip it up system clips, but at a fraction of the cost.


.. These large seagrass baskets hold a lot of my tools, books and spare rolls of tape and foam dots, while the large white one holds all my minI albums and OTP.

the baskets at the side hold cards, paper flowers and tissue papers.

The tins on top hold wooden stamps and roller stamps, the mass of moustaches left over from Mirandas 12th birthday moustache bash. The stamp stand has a few blender tools and date stamps. The stand is vintage and was salvaged from an old office clean out. I also have little pieces of my childhood. A vintage noddy egg cup, a wind up rabbit, a little giraffe that has magnets at the front and back and made up part of a train of animals and a little kinder surprise toy that Miranda insisted I needed for my shelf. Gosh I love that little girl.

Well… That’s it… My studio.. The place where my ideas come to life.. The place that makes me happy… Where my family all love to hang out with me.

Not just any old Father’s Day…

I’ve been working on something for a very long time and today, I get to share it with the world.

I have been an avid collector of flair buttons however could never find exactly what I wanted… So what does one do? Release her own line of flairs.

My dream of creating embellishments for the paper craft industry has finally become more than just a pipe dream and today, becomes reality.


This is a little blip I wrote about the business (with a little help from a friend)

Sandra Allan is the owner and designer at an exciting new online business, Studio Fourteen40, who made their debut into the papercraft scene in September this year.

Sandra, who lives with her husband Matt and their three beautiful children in an outer suburb of Melbourne, has a keen eye for detail and a love of design and colour. Her dream started when she found herself living in the Northern Territory almost 11 years ago where scrapbooking embellishments were virtually non existent.

Sandra turned to creating her own embellishments for her scrapbooking pages. Even after moving to new locations where scrapbooking supplies were readily available, she continued to make her own embellishments.

Years later, she was fortunate to be working within the industry and alongside some amazing talent, which fuelled her creativity and dream further. Although Sandra left the industry to pursue a “real career”, she held onto the dream of one day making her own mark on the industry by creating her own line of scrapbooking products.

In September this year, after extensive research to discover what fellow scrapbookers loved, Sandra took a leap of faith and launched Studio Fourteen40 with 12 collections of 1″ tin flair buttons. Her collections are growing rapidly and the overwhelmingly positive response is extremely exciting.

To add to the flairs that are currently available through her store, Sandra is working on several exciting new projects of which she hopes to release early into 2014.

Customer service is something Sandra takes pride in and loves to hear the excitement of her customers when they revel in the little packages that she sends their way.

To learn more about this up-and-coming business, browse and purchase complete collections, head to and keep up with the latest releases and exciting announcements via

not a Hero


The ANZAC Day march was over – the old Digger had done his best.
His body ached from marching – it was time to sit and rest.
He made his way to a park bench and sat with lowered head.
A young boy passing saw him – approached and politely said,
“Please sir do you mind if I ask you what the medals you wear are for?
Did you get them for being a hero, when fighting in a war?”

Startled, the old Digger moved over and beckoned the boy to sit.
Eagerly the lad accepted – he had not expected this!
“First of all I was not a hero,” said the old Digger in solemn tone,
“But I served with many heroes, the ones that never came home.
So when you talk of heroes, it’s important to understand,
The greatest of all heroes gave their lives defending this land.

“The medals are worn in their honour, as a symbol of respect.
All diggers wear them on ANZAC Day – it shows they don’t forget.”
The old digger then climbed to his feet and asked the boy to stand.
Carefully he removed the medals and placed them in his hand.
He told him he could keep them – to treasure throughout his life,
A legacy of a kind – left behind – paid for in sacrifice.

Overwhelmed the young boy was speechless – he couldn’t find words to say.
It was there the old Digger left him – going quietly on his way.
In the distance the young boy glimpsed him – saw him turn and wave goodbye.
Saddened he sat alone on the bench – tears welled in his eyes.
He never again saw him ever – but still remembers with pride,
When the old Digger told him of Heroes and a young boy sat and cried.

Clyde Hamilton

BLog needs a re vamp

I’ve been thinking about it for some time… I truly think I need to do something with my blog. It’s very clean and sterile looking…

The banner was only going to be temporary while I waited for my love, Matt to create me something more permanent. Well several blog redesigns for him, later… And mine is still looking as boring as it always did.

I think I’m going to have to do something about that!

You & Me


I love this boy more than he could ever know. I don’t think I could ever put my feelings for him into words.. He is unique… he is my only son.. And stole the biggest chunk of my heart the day he was born.

This photo was taken the night before we left Canberra. The cuddles were big… And the smiles bigger as we bubbled with excitement over our next adventure.. The one that would see us moving to Melbourne, unknowing at the time that it would be the place we grew roots and decided to call home indefinitely.

Love you kiddo! (Even though you now tower way over me) xxx


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